Illustrations for Amnesty International

Imagine your and metadata (whom did you text or call, when, for how long and where were you) are illegally saved just because you know someone, that knows someone, that knows someone, that knows someone, that knows someone who is considered worth investigating. 

The BND, the German NSA, saves these so called "5 jumps". Let's say the targeted person has 40 contacts in his list. That makes 2,5 million innocent people being tracked as well.  

I got to illustrate this story for Amnesty International.

New solo exhibtion "NYC" coming up!

This upcoming fall I will show my New York sketches at the Gallery of "Zurück zum Glück" in Hannover. An opening date will be announced soon!


I am happy to announce that I signed with DIE ILLUSTRATOREN for a worldwide representation! 

Check out my portfolio including more infos and an interview.  (Link)


Neruda portrait for Trouw

For Trouw I drew a portrait of Pablo Neruda, who was a famous Chilean poet and politician but also a man who disowned his disabled daughter and sent her abroad.

Brouwers portrait for Trouw

This is the first portrait of a series of writers I am illustrating for the Dutch newspaper Trouw. Shown: a grumpy Jeroen Brouwers.

Featured on WeTransfer

Thrilled and honored that WeTransfer chose an illustration of mine as their wallpaper!

Full page illustration for GZ

GZ asked me to do an illustration on psychology - more specific, on the industry's pessimistic mood. The goal was to basically show that things are not as bad as they seem. 

So I thought, 'why not draw a simple thumbs down but put the text upside down?' This way the reader has do the turnaround by himself.

Special thanks to AD Katja Herz for letting me mess around!

RIP Kanzler Schmidt

Former chancellor Helmut Schmidt died today at the age of 96. Germany lost the smartest and most humble person in politics. I got to draw him twice for my 2013 exhibition "Kanzler". 

Until the end, he was a mentor for the German people. As DIE ZEIT chief editor said: "Helmut Schmidt died and we, who survived him, now have to grow up. If we like it or not."

New GZ Illustration

Full page illustration for GZ on dropping market prices for gold, silver and oil.

Happy "Back To The Future" Day!

Today is the day when Marty McFly arrived in the future. And this is how my home would look like if Hoverboards would be real by now.

By the way, today I might not answer phone calls as I am in the movie theater watching all three Parts of Back to the Future. (hashtag nerd alert)

Featured on Coverjunkie!

The cover I did for Amnesty International was featured on Coverjunkie - the coolest blog for cover lovers!

Looks good next to The New Yorker or TIME covers! 

Cover for the Amnesty Journal

Back from vacation and what do I spot at the airports newspaper stand? My cover for the Amnesty Journal!

Thanks to Art Director Heiko von Schrenk

On vacation until August the 10th

Folks, I'm out. The next few days I'll be doing sauna 24/7 up in a small town called Puumala, Finland. Will be back on 10th of August.


Photo: Sebastian Gross

Photo: Sebastian Gross

Friday 17th - Finissage of my "Stimmt's?" Exhibition

People who have not seen my "Stimmt's?" exhibition or want to see it again will have one last chance on Friday 17th @ Projektor, Sternstrasse 4, Hamburg

Here are a few impressions of what awaits.

All 3 "Stimmt's?" Lifehack Nights are SOLD OUT

There are no seat tickets left for this weeks Lifehack Night Specials of the "Stimmt's?" Exhibition! But if you don't mind standing or sitting on the stairs, you are more than welcome to do so! 

Entrance 19h, Start 20h
Entrance Fee 5,-

If you know a lifehack and want to present it to the audience you can win a 1-year-subscription of the ZEIT Wissen magazine!

New Exhibition coming up!

On July 4th, my new solo exhibition "Stimmt's?" will open in Hamburg!

"Stimmt's?" (German for "Is it true?") is the name of a column that journalist Christoph Drösser writes for the German weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT. In this column Drösser answers questions about urban myths, science and society - always with interesting outcome.

I am illustrating a "Best of" of this column and it will be shown from

July 4th til July 17th @

Projektor, Sternstr. 4, 20357 Hamburg