Loving Your Best Friends Partner

For bento/SPIEGEL Online I Illustrated the inability to talk about your love for your best friends partner or close ones. 

Erdogan Won Referendum

Turkey voted YES. More power to Erdoğan, less power to the people. I illustrated the result for Cosmo (former Funkhaus Europa).

Valentines Day for Playboy

Happy Valentimes! ;D

Hope you enjoy your day more than this guy. For Playboy Germany.

Illustration for bento / SPIEGEL Online

Here's my illustration for bento & SPIEGEL Online about studying under intense pressure.

Hamburger Morgenpost

According to the Hamburger Morgenpost, I created an icon. :)

Illustration for SPIEGEL Online & bento

New illustration for SPIEGEL Online & bento about being happy on vacation and depressed at home.

On my instagram @lennartgaebel you can see the making of.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-01-14 um 11.36.20.png

Happy 2017 everyone!

This was my last illustration of 2016 about not wanting to celebrate on New Years Eve. Definitely not me! For Spiegel Online and bento.

Have a wonderful 2017!


Cover sketches for DIE ZEIT

I was asked to sketch out ideas for DIE ZEIT's cover around the topic "The Endangered Establishment". Here are two of them. You'd have to imagine the headline in the Trump-Cap or in between the flying hats.

Sadly the headline changed so they were rejected. That's life.

Neue Presse article about me and my exhibition

Okay, the headline "Fighting for American values" is just maximum drama... :D:):..But any other than that, the "Neue Presse" wrote a very kind article about me and my current exhibition.

By the way, all NYC illustrations are limited to 15 prints only and some are close to sold out. Check the shop, if you are interested.

New illustration for DIE ZEIT

I got to draw an illustration for DIE ZEIT about important upcoming decisions that could decide the fate of the European Union. First the referendum in Italy and in April the elections in France. 

I always love to add the layout into my illustrations, so I'm very thankful that I got go crazy on this one. Even though this is a serious topic, drawing this felt like setting up dominos in real life. :)

Exhibition "NYC"

This upcoming Thursday I'll open my exhibition called NYC in Hannover, Germany. Please feel free to join if you happen to be in the neighborhood!

Illustrations for Amnesty International

Imagine your and metadata (whom did you text or call, when, for how long and where were you) are illegally saved just because you know someone, that knows someone, that knows someone, that knows someone, that knows someone who is considered worth investigating. 

The BND, the German NSA, saves these so called "5 jumps". Let's say the targeted person has 40 contacts in his list. That makes 2,5 million innocent people being tracked as well.  

I got to illustrate this story for Amnesty International.

New solo exhibtion "NYC" coming up!

This upcoming fall I will show my New York sketches at the Gallery of "Zurück zum Glück" in Hannover. An opening date will be announced soon!


I am happy to announce that I signed with DIE ILLUSTRATOREN for a worldwide representation! 

Check out my portfolio including more infos and an interview.  (Link)